Is an independent, full-service consultancy firm that specializes in offering expert guidance and support across a range of creative industries. We have a particular emphasis on art direction, branding, digital marketing, and public relations, and we provide customized solutions to address the specific requirements of our clients. Our aim is to assist our clients in achieving success through our comprehensive services and industry expertise.


Icesy, pronounced "eye see," is not only well versed in the world of market management but also brings a rich history in the entertainment industry. Having worked with various artists from different genres and brands, she has honed her skills in artistic development, fashion marketing, and public relations. With her extensive experience, Icesy is dedicated to providing her clients with thorough and expansive services. Whether it's guiding artists in their creative journey, strategizing effective marketing campaigns, or building strong public relations, Icesy is committed to delivering exceptional results. Her passion for the industry and her ability to understand the unique needs of each client make her an invaluable asset in today's competitive market. With Icesy by your side, you can be confident that your brand will receive the attention and expertise it deserves.